Kevin Cole, America’s Pianist, is the top performer of works from The Great American Songbook and concert works of their great American composers. He delights audiences with a repertoire including the best of 20th Century American music.

Cole’s performances in general and his interpretation of George Gershwin in particular have prompted accolades from many of America’s most prominent music critics. He is regarded as the foremost interpreter of George Gershwin compositions according to members of the Gershwin family, Howard Reich of The Chicago Tribune, Gershwin biographer Ed Jablonski, and composer Hugh Martin to list only a few who share this opinion.

Kevin is the best Gershwin pianist since Gershwin himself – no one can touch him.

Edward Jablonski

Author, The Encyclopedia of American Music

Kid, if I could play like that, I would never have become a songwriter!

Irving Berlin

Legendary Songwriter

When Cole sits down at the piano, you would swear Gershwin himself was at work…Cole stands as the best Gershwin pianist in America today.

Howard Reich

Arts Critic, Chicago Tribune